Celebrating LEED Gold at Veerenni Health Center

Recent reports highlight an upsurge in demand for green buildings in Estonia, mirroring global trends toward sustainable construction. It’s heartening to see the growing embrace of LEED standards in architectural projects.

Forus, a frontrunner in creating sustainable environments, has guided over 30 buildings in the Baltics to attain their LEED certifications. We’re especially proud to note that the Veerenni Health Center building, owned by Summus Capital (managed under the ESG expertise of Green Formula Capital), recently achieved the LEED Gold certification.

Increasing energy prices have only bolstered the shift towards energy-efficient structures, with Meelis Šokman of Green Formula Capital emphasising its relevance not only in Nordic markets but also in Estonia. As the world tilts towards sustainable solutions, it’s evident that certifications like LEED are becoming a hygiene factor for new constructions, ensuring quality and future-proofing investments.

Forward-thinking businesses and investors recognise that embracing sustainable practices is not just ethically sound, but economically advantageous.

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